Primary School

Our goal is to develop and enrich curious minds.”

Our aim at the primary division of Star College Durban is to enable a steady and ever progressing growth of our students. The quote of our deputy principal is based on one of our core values that of instilling a sense of curiosity to inspire students to ask questions and seek meaning within the world we live in. Curiosity and an ever burgeoning need to know more is highly encouraged within the formal and informal settings within the school.

We offer academic, cultural and sporting activities allowing students to explore their own individual strengths and interests. Our curriculum involves a values based educational approach which inculcates the love of learning among our students therefore encouraging life-long learning. These pursuits are achieved through the extensive roles of our teachers who aim to support, nurture, enrich and challenge students perceptions. We focus on establishing and maintaining, within our students, a commitment toward excellence. The principles, morals and knowledge bases taught in the primary division are then further enhanced and built upon within the High School division.

Our main focus in Grades 1 to 3 is skills development. By focusing on the core subjects (Languages, Maths and Life Skills) we aim to lay down a solid foundation, in order to prepare our students for the higher grades. Our Islamic education also plays a vital role. Our students receive homework and are also introduced to continuous assessments and projects, to consolidate their learning.

Foundation phase learners have PE weekly as part of the curriculum. We have extra-curricular activities to stimulate learners outside of the curriculum. Pottery, Playball, Computers, Karate, Speech and Drama, Islamic Art lessons, Netball and Soccer are offered as a variety of extramural activities to choose from, which is offered in the afternoons after school.

Our teachers provide extra classes/ intervention lessons for learners, based on their learning requirements. We have 2 classes in each Foundation Phase Grade.

We believe that reading is an integral part of learning and our learners are encouraged to have weekly reading periods in our school library, where they spend time reading their favourite books and discussing its content as a class.

Together with skills development, we encourage our learners to participate in various competitions, Olympiads, Science Expo, Art contests and Spelling bees, to make learning more enjoyable. Our learners also go on fun educational excursions once a term.

In the Intermediate Phase we expose our learners to different subjects and diverse learning opportunities, to prepare them for their journey into High School.

English and Afrikaans Extra lessons are available for students to attend after school and during the weekdays. Saturday tuition is also available for Mathematics. Training for Maths and Science Olympiads takes place on Saturdays.

Our learners are encouraged to participate in various Maths and Science Olympiads, such as SAASTA, SAASTE, Conquesta, South African Maths Challenge, Horizon Maths Challenge etc, which are at District, National and International level. Our students are also facilitated in creating stimulating Science Expo projects which are chosen to compete at the annual district Eskom Science Expo.

There is no doubt that extra mural activities such as sports & club activities, teach children important life lessons. Moreover, participation in a variety of extramural helps to develop many character traits that are vital to the learner’s overall growth into adulthood. Together with academic learning, a variety of fun club activities is available for Intersen learners to choose from, which take place after school. Among these include The Cooking club, Speech & Drama, Arts and Crafts, The Chess club and The Quilling club.

Sports and games enhance social relationships, builds skills and eliminates stress. Thus, we offer a variety of sports extra-mural activities such as basketball, cricket, netball and soccer during weekdays and every Saturdays.

Together with academic development, we encourage our learners to participate in stimulating competitions, Art contests, Mathematics Multiplication Challenge, Star Genius Challenge and Soccer and Netball Tournaments. These activities are sometimes held online or in different provinces. Therefore, our learners get an opportunity to experience learning in fun, creative ways. Our students are encouraged to work in teams and embark on exciting trips to compete.

Our learners also go on fun educational excursions and camps once a term.

Our teachers are often seen forming a strong bond with their students. Thus, students’ birthdays and class parties are celebrated with much excitement. We believe in the holistic development our learners, therefore we offer weekly guidance programmes for girls and boys separately after school, where students get together with their guidance teachers and study together, eat together and go on fun outings in groups. The guidance programmes are aimed for helping students in their personal development and adjustment; self-understanding and discovering their potentials and interests.

Each term brings exciting activities to look forward to. Be it the Annual Sports Day, Speech Contest, Science Fair or the Annual School Concert, our learners are always ready to show their talent!

• Athletics Day
• Fun Day/ Open Day
• Excursions and Camps
• Book Character Day
• School Concert
• Grade 7 Graduation
• School Science Expos
• Meet and Greet Tea sessions for parents.
• OUTREACH PROGRAMMES such as collecting toiletries for old age homes, orphanages, sandwich collection and Stationery Drive.

Star College Durban is an Independent, English Medium School, established by Horizon Educational Trust. We follow the Curriculum from the Department of Education and aim to be academically strong, producing excellent results in the National Matric exams as well as National and International Mathematics, Science and Computer Olympiads
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