Extramural Activities

Grade 1,2,3
- Karate
- Pottery
- Ballet
- Swimming ( Pisces Swimming Academy)
- Star Chefs
- Mini- Sports
- Abagility Maths Club
- Tennis
- Arts and Crafts

Grade 4-7
- Arts and Crafts
- Karate
- Kids Coding
- Pottery
- Tennis
- Cricket
- Soccer
- Netball

- Learners participate in our Annual Sports Day Programme.
- Learners also celebrate important days: Valentines Picnic, Heritage Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Games Day, Parent Night Out, Star Schools Inter-Provincial Soccer Day, Grade 7 Farewell
- Olympiads, Eskom, Competitions, Genius Challenge, Spelling Bee.

Graduation Day/Awards Day
Our Grade 7 Parents enjoy and celebrate their child’s completion of his/her last year in Primary school, before moving to Highschool. Learners are dressed in their graduation gowns and caps. Each child is graduated on stage and each child receives a certificate. All our learners from Gr 1 to grade 7 receive awards for their outstanding academic achievements.
Star College Durban is an Independent, English Medium School, established by Horizon Educational Trust. We follow the Curriculum from the Department of Education and aim to be academically strong, producing excellent results in the National Matric exams as well as National and International Mathematics, Science and Computer Olympiads
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