Principal Message

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians

I, on behalf of my staff of Star College Primary School, would like to welcome you as students and parents/guardians to the 2019 school year.  We are looking forward to yet another exciting year at Star College Primary.  As a centre of learning, we continue to acknowledge the extraordinary talent of our student body, the remarkable dedication of our staff, the supportive involvement of our parents and the community at large.  Together, we have accomplished a great deal and we continue in our mission to provide the best possible education to the students who have a wide range of needs.  To achieve this, we have a variety of programmes designed to address our students’ aspirations, both personal and professional, and to challenge them academically.  These objectives are embodied in our mission statement which reads:

“Our mission is to educate for lifelong learning, to prepare learners for the challenges they will face in life and to become tomorrow’s leaders in an ever-changing world.”

Information is of great importance to all of our families.  This booklet is designed for the benefit of the whole school community.  These aspects are vital to the students’ optimum success at Star College Primary and they are expected to fulfil their obligations at all times.

Please read all of the information carefully and keep this manual as a reference to use throughout the school year.  We want to extend a personal invitation to all students and parents to become active members of our school community.  There are many ways for families to become involved with our school.  Please join us as we continue the tradition of excellence at STAR COLLEGE PRIMARY.

Have a great academic year!

The Administrative Team of Star College Primary