Senior Primary Camp out

On 15th April 2011, the Senior Primary learners (Grades 4-7) participated in our Annual Camp Out. Learners spend a night out on the school eld. Parents are invited to join in for a Family Braai, thereafter leaving their children to spend a night away from home. Learners are treated to activities, games, camp stories and a steaming cup of hot chocolate before they retire to their camps for the night, that’s if they even sleep a wink! The Playworks Company entertained our learners with the popular Survivor Games. Later on, learners participated in a Night Time Treasure Hunt where with only the light from their torches; they had to hunt for hidden “treasure” around the school. It was heart-warming to watch the older learners assist the younger ones and their treasure in the dark just so that they could have a smile of accomplishment on their faces.