Carzy Hats and Socks Day

On 21st April 2011, our learners were allowed to come dressed wearing a “crazy” hat and funny pairs of socks. Their hats were all designed and decorated by the learners themselves. Many learners had spent long hours trying to create silly but creative designs for their hats. Some of their crazy designs were hilarious. Learners were also treated to an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt after the Crazy Hat Parade.Learners also brought in their Easter Egg to claim a prize for their hunt. Little trinkets, marbles, board games, stickers and toys were up for grabs as prizes. The Junior learners were in their element having to devour all the chocolate eggs that they had found afterwards.

Arbor Day

on the 2nd September 2011, the learners participated in a special programme to celebrate Arbor Day. Learners put on a performance with poems, speeches and a then went on with a Tree Planting Ceremony. Learners were enlightened on the Tree of The Year (The Jacket Plum) and were spoken to about the importance of planting and caring for trees and sustaining our Green Heritage. These trees are now taken care of by the learners themselves as they understand the importance of reducing their crabon footprint and doing their share towards saving our planet. Our school has also joined WESSA, an environmental organisation that promotes the sustaining of our natural heritage. Our school is now an Eco-School and has embarked on a major programme involving recycling of paper and cans, beach clean-ups, and the planting of trees and shrubs. Our aim is to win a Green Flag this year from WESSA.

Senior Primary Camp out

On 15th April 2011, the Senior Primary learners (Grades 4-7) participated in our Annual Camp Out. Learners spend a night out on the school eld. Parents are invited to join in for a Family Braai, thereafter leaving their children to spend a night away from home. Learners are treated to activities, games, camp stories and a steaming cup of hot chocolate before they retire to their camps for the night, that’s if they even sleep a wink! The Playworks Company entertained our learners with the popular Survivor Games. Later on, learners participated in a Night Time Treasure Hunt where with only the light from their torches; they had to hunt for hidden “treasure” around the school. It was heart-warming to watch the older learners assist the younger ones and their treasure in the dark just so that they could have a smile of accomplishment on their faces.

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