Principal Message

Dear Students and Parents/Guardians

We would like to welcome you as students and parents to the 2019 school year. We are looking forward to another exciting year at STAR COLLEGE PRIMARY. As a Centre of Learning, we continue to acknowledge the extraordinary talent of our student body, the remarkable dedication of our staff, the supportive involvement of our parents and the community at large.


Excursion to Science Center


The Eskom Expo was held on 26-27 August 2013 at the University Of Kwa-Zulu Natal.Three Primary school learners participated in the Regional Finals.Our learners, Muhammad Sadek (Grade 5) and Sahendran Kandasami (Grade 6) and Tristan Padayachee (Grade 6) did our school very proud.

Muhammad Sadek received a Gold medal for his project and Sahendran and Tristan each received Bronze medals.Congratulations to these learners for striving towards “excellence in education”.

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