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Sweetdale Camp

EXCURSION TO SWEETDALE CAMP 2013 Our Grades 4 to 7 learners once again visited the Sweetdale Camp in August this year. 

Excursion to Phe-Zulu Safari Park and Zulu Village

The Junior Primary learners enjoyed an educational trip to the Phezulu Safari Park and Zulu Village in The Valley of a house and Hills (Botha’s Hill). Learners viewed the various reptiles and were engaged in interactive discussions on crocodiles, alligators, tortoises and snakes.

Excursion to Flag Farm (Ballito)

our junior Primary learners went on an excursion to Flagship Animal Farm. The theme for the month (May) was farm animals. Our learners had the opportunity to interact with various farm animals. Each learner was given a little bag of food to feed the ducks, hens, cows, horses, goats and a donkey. The learners were also treated to […]

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